Domestic Fables Biscuit Collection on AHAlife

"Lior's biscuits are as appealing to the eye as they are to the palate. He uses a combination of his custom spices to create these beautiful and delicious treats that represent personal memories, moments in time, or even day dreams. I love that he captures such personal inspirations in the flavors of the biscuit. I also love that he collaborates with artists who interpret his creation in illustrations and engravings found within the packaging." -Sarah Simmons, AHAlife Curator

I like to think that my food is great because I’m an amazing cook. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I have a spice purveyor with magical skills that by far outshine my own.

Lior Lev Sarcarz is a genius. He’s a trained chef who develops custom blends of spices to chefs worldwide such as Daniel Boulud and Eric Ripert. And has created blends for me that have transformed a few of my signature dishes. Skilled in both savory and pastry technique, Lior showcases his culinary talent and artistic ability each year by releasing a collection of unique biscuits.

His most recent collection, à la Française, features four biscuits: Fabula, which blends pineapple, coconut and cashews; Parable, a honey-ginger-clove confection that tastes like grown-up gingerbread; Allegory, which marries chamomile, almond and figs; Sage Tales, an alluring combination of dark chocolate, hazelnut and licorice; and the indulgent Oracle, which tastes of coffee, white chocolate and creamy dulce de leche.

As a curator for AHAlife, I selected Lior’s latest creations because I knew it was one of those special finds that the AHAlife community would adore as much as I do. If you’re a member of AHAlife, you should snap these up while you have the chance. If you’re not a member of AHAlife, you should join, and get snapping.


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