Braised Short Ribs

This morning I had the pleasure of cooking with Hoda and Kathie Lee on TODAY! It was a hoot and a half. They have way more energy than I’d even imagined. The segment previous reptile segment ran long, cutting into our time, so we didn’t get to go through the whole thing.

But here’s the reader’s digest. I was demonstrating braising short ribs as part of a “Cooking for One” segment. I mean, if you’re gonna braise short ribs, you should go ahead and braise more than one serving. I give you a recipe for a solid braise base and once you remove the ribs from the oven, you have the basic ingredients to make two completely different dishes – Short Ribs with Red Wine Gravy for one night and a few servings of a Short Rib Ragu that freezes beautifully for a few nights later in the month.

Stay tuned for the recipes!



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4 responses to “Braised Short Ribs

  1. Cydney West

    I watched your segment today and I absolutely loved that you added cocoa to your short ribs! Plus, any excuse to use an immersion blender guarentees a good time 🙂

    • Erin Z.

      Hi Sarah! I was your partner at our class at ICE on Wednesday night. It was so nice to meet you and be able to see someone on TV the very next day and say, “I know her!” Great job on the Today Show! I applaud your patience with those two women; they definitely have way too much energy! Good luck with your food career, and I look forward to hopefully seeing you on Food Network soon!

  2. Hey Sarah! Wanted to say hi (I’m mini-Aussie Bella’s mom from the dog park) Andrew and I saw you on Today and were like, “Sheldon’s Mom!” LOL love how we always know our NYC dog park friends as so-and-so’s mom. We moved back to California over a year ago but miss NYC so much. Hope you are well and congrats on all your success! I have a fun little TV blog at if you’re ever in the mood to check it out.

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