Kitchen Crossroads

Remember when my blog was a collection of recipes and stories about recipes I was playing around with in my kitchen for fun? Well, I do…longingly. But lately, well lately, my blog has been empty. And before that my stories have been about what I’ve been eating on the road and all of the recipes on which I’ve been working aim to feed crowds of 50+, content that’s not really conducive to sharing with an audience of home cooks.

All of that traveling and cooking for crowds has left me so tired. This is me sleeping on a table in the kitchen during the Parlez Vous Francais, Y’all dinner series a few weeks ago.

Yes, that’s how I sleep…like I’m dead. I was so tired that I cleaned the table, took a cat nap, and re-cleaned the table so we could use it later to prep food.

Despite the exhaustion, the dinners went really well…better than I could have ever imagined. We sold out all three nights which is still mind blowing. And I realized I could actually serve eight courses to 60 people in three hours without keeling over. We learned so much – most importantly that we have so much more to learn before we’re ready for Project Huge!

I have a week or so before I hit the road to host dinners in Columbia, Atlanta, and Charleston. So I’ll try to scale down the recipes from the weekend dinners to smaller serving and share those with y’all! And if you missed the first series, there are still some tickets left for our next series with Breakfast for Dinner on May 25.



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2 responses to “Kitchen Crossroads

  1. Charlie

    So Sarah Smile, this means I get your fried chicken recipe!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!

    P.S. Please get some rest.

  2. Connie

    I have been there, too! Totally exhausted after working 18 hrs straight on Friday, prepping, planning, executing 6 course meal for 12 (by myself…well, there was a server). To catch 4 hrs sleep and then go to my other job Sat. morning (restaurant) and run the b’fast, brunch and lunch shifts, and cook for 52; and the same for Sun. and cook for 107. Monday rolls around quickly and its off to the real job for a manufacturing company (Mon.-Fri. 8-5). The evenings I plan, shop, prep for catering gig I will run in the evening hrs for local winery, when I get off work at the restaurant Sat. and Sun. afternoons. Crazy…tired, yes. But, the passion for creative food somehow boosts my energy and I just keep on going…

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