My Story

I’m Sarah Simmons. I’m an award-winning home cook, a fresh food advocate and a former retail consultant with a new purpose and passion.

As the daughter of a caterer, I spent my childhood in the kitchen – watching, learning, and eating fresh food. Unfortunately at age 10, through sleepovers and after school play dates, I discovered the world of processed and fast food. It was like opening Pandora’s box and soon I was on the slippery slope to becoming one of the fat kids.

Luckily, in my late teens, I took control of my diet and got back into the kitchen. I’ve spent the past twenty years building upon those basic skills I learned in my mom’s kitchen as a child, taking every opportunity to cook and learn. The more I cooked and the more I learned, the more I no longer felt satisfied with the career I had chosen.

In the winter of 2010, I was named as Food & Wine magazine’s Home Cook Superstar, as part of a search for the nation’s best home cook. Winning this award gave me the push I needed to leave the corporate world and return to the kitchen. This time I’m pursuing a new mission – To develop programs and tools for teaching as many people as possible how to prepare fresh food for themselves and their families so they, too, can become superstars in their own kitchens.